Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pollution 500 (Ghostface Killah vs. FunDaMental)

For this track, i delved into my collection of what is sometimes called world music and came up with "Pollution 500", a mash-up that blends Ghostface Killah's classic "Daytona 500" (featuring Raekwon and Cappadonna) with Fun-Da-Mental's "Pollution", itself a mix of Asian-U.K. electronica and the soaring Qawwali song of Rizwan and Muazzam Qawwali.

"Pollution 500" represents a genre of blends/mash-ups/remixes that i would often (and continue to) return to, and i dare say it sets much of my work apart from the typical pop vs. pop A+Bs characteristic of much of the current mash-up 'scene'.

It was never my intention to be 'popular'. I simply mix together music i love to form new tracks i want to hear. If that happens to strike a chord with heads like Ankai or BristleKRS, so much the better!

Peace be with you!

Pollution 500 (Ghostface Killah vs. FunDaMental) Download

As featured on the MashAnthology double LP!

(track produced in 2005, cover by not-I, 2008, featuring Ottoman calligraphy)

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