Thursday, October 16, 2008

Touch It Cigrik (Busta Rhymes vs. Mogollar)

A return to the world beat vibes of Pollution 500, this was also an experiment in sound.

I took the rap from Busta's hit "Touch It" and mixed with some heavy old-school world funk courtesy of Mogollar, a still-active psychedelic, funk/rock/jazz/world band from Turkey.

While the main loops are sampled from the song "Cigrik" (see the cover for proper Turkish spelling), I sampled and manipulated loops from several other songs off Mogallar's Anadolu Pop album to get the additional sub-bass and percussion effects.

I'm very happy to report that this tune has been spun on Turkish radio.

Touch It Cigrik (Busta Rhymes vs. Mogollar) Download

As featured on the MashAnthology double LP!

Produced in 2006, cover art by Klaudia Gottwald