Thursday, October 16, 2008

G'z Up Funk (Tony Touch & Doo Wop vs. The Meters)

This mixes the Puerto Rican flavored hip-hop of Tony Touch and Doo Wop with the classic old-school funk of The Meters.

Deceptively straight-forward and natural-sounding, it took some chopping and moving to get the raps to flow with the liquid groove of the backing.

Featured on, this little ditty has gotten a lot of love in the past couple years.

Been groovin' on DJ not-I recently and had to give him some love today. Check out Tony Touch feat Doo Wop vs. G'z Up (acappella) and The Meters - Funky Miracle. Simple funky A+B Hip Hop pleasure. Keep it real. - mashuptown

G'z Up Funk (Tony Touch & Doo Wop vs. The Meters) Download

As featured on the MashAnthology double LP!

Produced in 2006, cover art by Klaudia Gottwald

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